Grilling Chicken To Perfection

Grilling chicken can be daunting. Undercooking is not an option, so, many go the other route and overcook - leading to charred chunks of chicken! Capital Meats knows a better way, and we want to help you be the hero of your next grilled chicken dinner!


Boneless skinless chicken breasts offer such difficulties in over or under cooking because they are hardly ever an even thickness. What can you do? After thawing your chicken, place them in a ziplock bag (to catch the juices), and pound down the thick parts using a kitchen mallet or rolling pin. Don't make chicken pancakes – you just want an even ¾” to ½” thickness.


All chicken tastes better (and stays juicier during grilling) with a marinade. Capital Meats helps you out by providing 8 amazing, all natural* flavors of pre-marinated chicken breasts! Capital Meats also provides our Plain All Natural* Chicken Breasts, so you can create your own marinade. For best results, thaw your chicken and place in a ziplock bag in the marinade overnight, to give the chicken plenty of time to absorb all of the juicy flavor.


Bring your grill to a medium heat, between 375° F – 450° F. Now EVOO! No, it’s not a new dance, it’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Make sure to brush your grill grates with EVOO before putting the chicken on the grill. Otherwise your chicken will stick to the grill grates and rip apart when you try and flip the chicken.


Depending on your grill temp and the thickness of the breast, your grilling time may vary. It’s will be somewhere in the range of 5-6 minutes per side, but this is an estimate. However, one fact remains. You must cook your chicken to an internal temperature of 165° F. You will need a digital meat thermometer to ensure you get a proper temperature reading. Some newer thermometers can even send updates to your smartphone!


With your new knowledge on grilling chicken, it’s time to light the fires and get grilling. Start now by ordering a variety case of our All Natural* Premium Chicken! You will receive four delicious, pre-marinated chicken breast flavors, our plain chicken breasts, and our chicken fritters! *Minimally Processed. No Artificial Ingredients.

$48.00 each box All Natural* Plain Chicken Breasts