How Do I Know If My Steak is Done?

It’s Grilling Season, and many of you may be asking the age-old question, “Is my steak ready???”

At Capital Meats, we know steaks and we know grilling. So, here, for your summer grilling plans, are some tips on how you can tell if your steak is ready to eat. 


Buy a digital meat thermometer! It’s just that easy.  There are all types of digital thermometers available at your local store, at all different price ranges. More expensive ones can even stay in the meat and give you updates on your smart phone! If you want rare, you will be waiting for the internal temperature of 120-130F. Medium is 140-150F. Well is 160-170F. 



Want to learn the way most chefs use? Think it’s some expensive new restaurant equipment? Nope. It’s your hand!

Relax your hand. Now, touch your index finger to your thumb like an “OK” sign. Now touch the fleshy part of your palm, right below your thumb. Feel how it’s soft? Now touch your thumb to your middle finger, then your ring finger, then your pinky. Touch the same spot your palm each time. Feel how that part of your palm gets harder and harder?

A steak works the same way. As the center of a steak cooks, the juices cook out of the meat, and it gets more firm. As you cook your steak, press the steak with your finger and then compare it to the firmness of your palm. Thumb to index is rare. Thumb to middle finger is medium rare. Thumb to ring finger is medium. Thumb to pinky is well done.


So, your steak hit the temperature you wanted, or the firmness you desired – yank it off the grill and cut it open!!!! Right?!?! WRONG! If you cut it open right away, all of the juices are going to run out, and you will be left with a dry, chewy steak.

Vital to any great steak is the resting period. Put your steak on a plate, or on a cutting board, make a little tent for it out of tin foil, and let it sit there and marinate in its own juices.


Now that you know when your steak is done, it’s time to light the fires and start grilling!