Everyone loves a great burger, but just like pizza, no one agrees on the same toppings. In honor of 4th of July, Capital Meats is celebrating your #BurgerToppingFreedom by putting together some typical burger toppings, as well as some not so typical, for you to try! 

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Grilling Chicken To Perfection

Grilling chicken can be daunting. Undercooking is not an option, so, many go the other route and overcook - leading to charred chunks of chicken! Capital Meats knows a better way, and we want to help you be the hero of your next grilled chicken dinner!

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Capital Meats Launches Customer Friendly Website

Capital Meats has completely redesigned their website to make a more customer friendly experience. The redesign includes an updated, friendlier shopping cart system which will give customers an easier way of ordering Capital Meats quality meats. This means less time filling out online forms, and more time to spend reading Capital Meats' new blog. 

"We wanted a website that connected with our customers," Owner Scott McMichael said. "We want to provide more than just a shopping cart, though, we want to provide resources for our customers, like recipes, cooking instructions, and more."

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